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Florida Street repairs inch closer to completion

(WPMI) Florida Street repairs inch closer to completion
(WPMI) Florida Street repairs inch closer to completion

A call into our Reality Check hotline asked us to check in on Florida Street repairs, saying it is bumpy to drive.

We checked it out Tuesday.

Almost a month after the project was expected to wrap up in November, there was still work happening.

Two neon-vested workers lifted a manhole and surveyed the area.

Just being this close to completion is a huge relief for Mobile icon Butch Cassidy's.

"It's been great. Now that the road is open, everybody has been coming back out," said Whitney Bealer, a bartender at Butch Cassidy's.

The road was dirt for one phase, and at other points impassable.

Soiree Signatures, just a few buildings down, lost a lot of business.

"It was harder and harder to get down the street and harder for our customers to get here," said Lindsey Stiegler with the stationary company.

It brought the Midtown community closer together as news of the Florida Street business struggles spread.

"Especially after the news, we were on the news. People would come out and eat with us and support us," said Bealer.

New sidewalks line Florida Street, but there is one issue that we noticed.

Some of the manholes are sunken in - a bumpy obstacle on the new road.

The city of Mobile says there are final touches to be made, but they are "close" to completion.

"Things have been looking up, big time," said Stiegler.

If you come across an issue that affects you, let us know by calling our Reality Check hotline at 1-877-315-7268.