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Tuberville and Sessions on investigating China and COVID-19

(WPMI) Tuberville and Sessions on investigating China and COVID-19
(WPMI) Tuberville and Sessions on investigating China and COVID-19

China and the speculation over the origin of the coronavirus has U.S. Senatorial candidates for Alabama Tommy Tuberville and Jeff Sessions demanding accountability.

Sessions appeared Wednesday on the Sean Sullivan show on FM talk 106.5. He is calling for a “Pearl Harbor-like investigation” into China and says information about the virus was withheld.

“They took down reports and analysis of how this thing happened as it didn’t agree with Beijing and the communist party,” Sessions said. “They hate being held accountable. We cannot back off. Got to prove it before the whole world. Something like a Pearl Harbor commission can do it.”

Tuberville says he’s all for an investigation, but there’s one problem.

“So hey, I’m all for investigating. Let’s go get them. Problem is investigations last about 4-5 years, and we never see the consequences. Nobody ever goes to jail. So I mean, it’s a double standard in this country. Our Congress should be working full speed. Half of them are working from home, and the other half are hiding form the virus,” Tommy Tuberville said.

Stay-at-home orders are now the norm across the county, resulting in hundreds of thousands of lost jobs.

The impact on Alabama businesses has been devastating.

“People want to go back to work. Now, we’re putting ordinary citizens in jail for trying to work. I mean, we’ve turned into socialist communist country in about 6 weeks. But I trust president Trump to get us out of it, and everybody wants to start pointing fingers. We don’t need to point fingers until we get out of it, then we can hold whoever’s accountable, accountable,” Tubervilled shared.

“They knew then this was a pandemic in the making. They knew this disease was contagious, and they were minimizing it to the world while they themselves were sucking up the supplies,” Sessions added.

Tuberville and Sessions will go head-to-head at the polls July 14th in the Republican senate runoff election

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