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Toy drive in honor of Bay Minette teens

(WPMI) Toy drive in honor of Bay Minette teens
(WPMI) Toy drive in honor of Bay Minette teens

Earlier this year, two Baldwin County mothers, Elizabeth Shackleford and Daphne Stamps, each lost a son in the Father's day car accident this year.

Today marks six months to the day that Ty Drinkard an Blayne Shackleford passed away. For both families and their friends a toy drive to help deserving kids have a merry Christmas is only the beginning.

For them what happened in tragedy is now a source of strength. It’s the reason this group gathered at the Baldwin County Child Advocacy Center today.

Toy after toy with money raised and "in kind donations," all in honor of Ty and Blayne, two Bay Minette teens who died in a one car accident on County Road 29 in Baldwin County last June.

"We can’t do anything to bring our boys back but we can help others, we can go and speak to high school students about making good choices that the only thing that we can do," said Daphne Stamps Ty's Mother.

The toy drive and other fund raising events for scholarships are designed to help others. It’s about giving but it’s also about healing.

"It’s easier for us to get up in the morning and when we know that we have something to do that day that honors them whether its speaking to the students or coming here to deliver the toys it’s give us a reason to get up and to keep going," said Elizabeth Shackelford.

Nine-year old Harper Hicks, Ty's cousin saved up $83 doing chores to buy toys .

"I have this little jar and I've been saving up for a little while and this was my second year doing it I usually give it to the church," said Hicks.

"We're just doing the best we can to try and help anybody and if we can talk about our boys and help one person then that's what we're doing," said Stamps.

If you would like more information on how you can donate. We've created a link to the Ty Foundation in the Find It section.