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South Alabama Jags kick off the season under new head football coach

South Alabama Jags kick off the season under new head football coach (IMG:WPMI)

It was a sea of red white and blue as hundreds of Jag fans gathered for the season opener.

It's the big day many have been waiting for - South Alabama fans feeling the energy and anticipation for a brand new season with new head coach Steve Campbell.

"The team attitude and demeanor and spirit has changed. We have to thank Joey Jones for coming in and starting the program, but all the fans have wanted to go to the next level," says Jag parent, Sean Brown.

Fans say it's a new beginning for the South Alabama football team.

"New momentum, new everything. We are just ready for a new start," says Jag parent, Tanisha Lawrence.

"There is nothing like another chance so now we have a chance to redeem ourselves to make sure the South Alabama brand will be known worldwide, and I believe in these guys, these young men and this coaching staff, that they are going to make it go forward," says Jag parent, Jay Woods.

The Jags are coming off a 4 and 8 season, looking for a chance at redemption.

"We are looking for a bowl game. A championship would be the icing on the cake, but right now, we are going to take it one game at a time because we can't get too far of ourselves. So, South Alabama is a force to be reckoned with," says Brown.

"My son says that the team morale is so high. I am just so happy that Coach Campbell is bringing in the energy that the team needs. I am looking for new things," says Woods.

An energy the fans are also fueling off of - even the rain didn't stop them from tailgating.

"It's awesome. We spent all morning tailgating, waiting on the boys to come in, waiting to start, and it's a great environment. We just enjoy it," says Lawrence.

"It's like our team out here. We are resilient and we are going to prevail as far as a little rain what's a little rain," says Brown.

Some parents are hoping they won't have to keep coming to Ladd-Peebles Stadium.

"We need an on-campus stadium. I am very excited, and I am just ready," says Lawrence.

There is still a plan to get a stadium up and running by the 2020 season.

It's called the "Get on Campus" fundraiser - soliciting money from faculty, staff, alumni and USA fans.

Donations reached more than $40,000 thousand in the first six hours.