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More Alabama Troopers training to inspect commercial vehicles

(WPMI) More Alabama Troopers training to inspect commercial vehicles
(WPMI) More Alabama Troopers training to inspect commercial vehicles

Alabama State Troopers are now being trained to "zero in" on commercial drivers, like 18-wheelers.

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) is now certifying more officers on how to inspect trucks that share the road with all of us.

Right now ALEA has a Motor Carrier Safety Unit in all its regions. The Mobile/Baldwin region has five, maybe six certified to do inspections. The plan is to change that one Trooper at a time.

Injury attorney Andy Citrin and his legal team see it all. The majority of their accident cases involve overloaded trucks and the news that Alabama is now stepping up its training to certify more and more officers on how to inspect commercial vehicles is groundbreaking.

"Well it's great news for the state of Alabama and for those of us who live, work and have our families on the road here. Most big truck drivers are highly professional and are highly conscientious men and women and they understand the danger they have on their hands when they are driving those things down the road," said Citrin.

Tuesday in Selma, ALEA graduated another 24 officers and the plan is to certify as many troopers as the agency can to cover more and more of our busy interstates and roads.

"The motor carrier division - it’s not just them being able to do that. It's all the troopers on the road. That’s us doing that. It allows them to be able to do that work and not just one specialized division," said ALEA Secretary Hal Taylor.

Tuesday in Loxley right off I-10 one officer was being trained to eventually be certified in commercial vehicle inspection.

The more eyes we have to keep up with federal regulations, like sleep logs, oversized loads and something as simple as tire treads and safety equipment on board a truck can go a long way.

"These guys work hard. They sometimes don’t know what they are looking for if they are not trained with all these regulations that are mandated. And they are not optional. They are mandatory, but if you don’t know what you are looking for you can walk past a really serious hazard," said Citrin.

This year alone ALEA has graduated more than 100 new state troopers. The plan is to increase the number of officers in commercial inspections.