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Mobile Police cracking down on golf cart and 4-wheeler enforcement

(WPMI) Mobile Police cracking down on golf cart and 4-wheeler enforcement
(WPMI) Mobile Police cracking down on golf cart and 4-wheeler enforcement

In the last two years in Mobile, golf carts have kind of become the move of the future, at least that's what City of Mobile Executive Director of Public Safety Lawrence Battiste said. But they're not all street legal, and the problem is growing.

According to Battiste, the number of regular car accidents are going up in the city, particularly fatalities. He said nothing good will come out of having non-street legal golf carts driving on the same roads as cars and trucks.

"I don't think the outcome of the impact would be as favorable for the individuals in the golf cart," Battiste said.

With recent behavior involving golf cart drivers and the numerous complaints the Mobile Police Department has received is why they're cracking down. For example, unlicensed children driving around subdivisions in West Mobile.

"That child can be cited, even if it's a street legal vehicle, the vehicle itself can be towed, and it creates and additional expense to the owner of that vehicle," Battiste said.

Now, local golf cart dealers are getting an influx of customers to get their golf cart street legal.

"Get a few, get a few people that have a complaint or two about it...don't want to do it, don't want to spend the money on that kind of thing," Rick Smith with Danny's Custom Golf Carts in Mobile said.

Watch the Mobile Police Department's video on golf cart and 4-wheeler regulations:

"You have to have mirrors on each side of the vehicle, then you have to have seat belts, the front and back has those. Then you have to have a deluxe light kit with a horn at the end of it, turn signals and emergency flashers," Smith explained. "Then we have to add stickers to it, this is an FTC sticker just like on the inside of any other vehicles, this is our sticker here saying we brought it up to standards of a street vehicle."