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Mobile Co. Sheriff's Office assists other agencies in infant kidnapping case

(IMG: MCSO) Mobile Co. Sheriff's Office assists other agencies in infant kidnapping case
(IMG: MCSO) Mobile Co. Sheriff's Office assists other agencies in infant kidnapping case

The Mobile County Sheriff's Office assisted US Marshals and the Dekalb County Sheriff's Office in an infant kidnapping case. They released this statement on the investigation and arrest:

On June 11, 2019, the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office, US Marshals and Dekalb County Sheriff’s Office rescued an infant who was kidnapped by KAYLA MICHELLE SINGLETON. US Marshals found the infant with SINGLETON at a home in Stone Mountain, Georgia. This morning at approximately 8:45 AM, the mother and infant were reunited.
On June 6, 2019, MCSO received a call from a case worker with Franklin HCH, that a mother was reporting her infant daughter had been kidnapped. The mother, Marie Childress, was picked up earlier in the day by Mobile Police for panhandling and taken to McKemie Place. McKemie Place contacted Franklin HCH and Mobile County Sheriff’s Office for assistance.
Ms. Childress told authorities that she met a man in a chat room while living in Wisconsin. The man was moving to Mobile from Wisconsin and he wanted Marie to follow. Marie moved to Mobile shortly before her baby was born and moved into a home with the man she met on line as well as another female, KAYLA SINGLETON. Marie stated that while she was living in this home she was locked in a room, beaten and held without food. On September 9, Marie was rushed to the hospital and had her baby. KAYLA SINGLETON came to the hospital and threatened Marie telling her that DHR would not allow her to keep her baby because of outstanding warrants in Wisconsin. Marie Childress did not have any outstanding warrants, but because she is mentally challenged, she believed SINGLETON’S name was used on the baby’s birth certificate.
For the last 9 months, Marie Childress has been staying with KAYLA SINGLETON going from hotel to hotel. Marie has been
forced to panhandle in order to get money for hotel and food. On June 6, Marie was picked up and taken to McKemie Place. A case worker with Franklin HCH notified our office of a possible kidnapping. MCSO Detectives immediately began interviewing witnesses and putting together a timeline of events given by the victim, Marie Childress. We are continuing our investigation and expect additional charges to be forthcoming in this case.
We would like to thank all the agencies that were involved in reuniting this mother and child, McKemie Place, Franklin HCH, MCSO Detectives and the US Marshal Service.