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Creola teen reported missing speaks out

(IMAGE: wpmi) (IMAGE: wpmi) Creola teen reported missing speaks out
(IMAGE: wpmi){ } Creola teen reported missing speaks out

NBC 15 reached out to a teenager that was reported missing from Creola a year ago.

Today, the Center for Missing and Exploited Children sent a reminder to local media agencies today that it had been a year and her location was unknown.

However, Genevieve Webb, 15, wants people to know her side of the story and not fear for her.

“I'm safe and I'm doing way better than I was” Webb told NBC 15’s Cassie Fambro.

She also offered details and cited family issues for not returning.

Webb says she has tried to explain the situation multiple times but because of her age, says it’s fallen on deaf ears.

She did not disclose where she is, except to say she is healthy and happier than she was previously.