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COVID-19 impacting Baldwin municipalities

COVID-19 impacting Baldwin municipalities
COVID-19 impacting Baldwin municipalities

Some cities in Baldwin County are also reporting having to send employees home to quarantine. Each city is taking the surge in stride, one case at a time.

There are 14 municipalities in Baldwin County and almost all have had new COVID-19 cases come up within their ranks. The good news is that none of those cases has disrupted services and the plan is to keep it that way.

The plan is to keep employees and everyone around them safe. "We've got two currently that is positive and the other three, its only about five that are affected, and those other three are in direct contact," said Daphne Mayor Robin Lejeune.

"There are a couple of our employees we have maybe two people out. one may be out and then one with an exposure," said

Fairhope Mayor Sherry Sullivan.

Nothing alarming yet but most mayors realize it may be "Deja vu -- all over again."

In Fairhope for example, the mayor says if an employee calls in with cold symptoms they are being asked to get a COVID-19 test as a precaution and employees are being asked to wear masks if working in close quarters like city vehicles.

"I mean we are recommending these things, they are not mandates but we want our employees to stay safe and we to do the things that we can to keep them safe," said Sullivan

With federal COVID-19 relief money drying up cities are now looking into ways to help sick or exposed employees who may not have enough sick leave. "Your quarantined or you’re sick and you have to stay home for 10 to 14 days you are using your sick time, vacation time, or unpaid leave if you don’t have any of that," said Lejeune.

The push now is to encourage any and all employees to get vaccinated. "We probably have about 30% of our employees that are vaccinated. It's a personal choice for people but we are recommending vaccinations, we are allowing employees to go on city time and making them whole for their time," said Sullivan.

Most cities are offering in-house vaccine clinics, for example, Daphne city employees will be offered free vaccinations at City Hall next week.