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Cop impersonator, rapist back in jail

(IMAGE:WPMI)Cop impersonator, rapist back in jail
(IMAGE:WPMI)Cop impersonator, rapist back in jail

A convicted rapist who just served three years in prison is back behind bars once again.

Police say Jacob Longshaw, 23, a registered sex offender was living too close to schools and lying about where he was living.

Longshaw was caught living in an apartment on Azalea Road that's within 2000 feet a daycare and Fonde Elementary School.

In 2015 pretending to be a cop, Longshaw used a fake shield to rape at least one woman.

"He had a badge that looked very real and handcuffs and he would convince his victim that he was a police officer, and he would turn her in to jail or her bonding company if she did not comply and engage in sexual intercourse," said Mobile County Assistant District Attorney Tandice Hogan.

Records show he pleaded guilty to one count of rape 1st and impersonating a police officer March 7th 2017.

While he was technically sentenced to 20 years, he only had to serve three years in prison. Longshaw had built up 15 months of jail credit waiting for trial. So this year, he was already out.

Longshaw, who as a convicted rapist must now register as sex offender, told the sheriff's office he was living in a hotel, but police say he was really living at an apartment on Azalea Road.

It's within 2000 feet of schools and a daycare, and by law, Longshaw can't live there.

With two new felony charges slapped on him for violating the sex offender notification laws, the district attorney's office says, Longshaw should go back to prison.

"We will move forward and ask the court for the full revocation so that Mr. Longshaw does spend the rest sentence in prison," said Hogan.

And that could mean serving the full 20 years in prison. Longshaw is set to go before a judge Wednesday.