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Lillian residents watch as firefighters battle blaze threatening their homes

(IMAGE:WPMI)Lillian residents watch as firefighters battle blaze threatening their homes

Lillian residents watched as firefighters battled a wildfire that threatened their homes on Friday.

Fire crews responded to the scene in the area of County Road 91, and Grafton Road, shortly before 4 p.m. They worked tirelessly to keep the blaze from spreading from an empty lot to homes just feet away.

Firefighters put out hotspots, and checked the charred tree line for flare ups. Meanwhile, the smoldering remains of a bucket truck reminded locals that it could have been much worse.

The flames nearly reached David Gaines property line on Grafton Road.

"When I heard the crackling in the trees, I looked out and the flames were up in the trees on the other side of the three acres next to me. I immediately called 911 because it was way out of control," said Gaines.

Gaines said he and a neighbor began preparing the hoses next to his garage.

"We were ready to start spraying down the grass, and weeds on the other side of the property line. About that time, the fire department got here and pulled their trucks in and got started," Gaines said.

Lillian, Elberta and Perdido Beach fire crews spent about 30 minutes on the roughly 5 acre fire.

Lillian Fire Chief Jim Ellis believes the fire spread from a burn pit to bucket truck, and then into the trees behind this mobile home. The person inside the home was evacuated.

"Flames were right behind it. It's just not a good time to burn. It's just too dry and there's too much south-wind. There's going to be a burn ban in effect next month. It's just not worth jeopardizing lives and houses," said Ellis.

Pam Suarez lives on County Road 91 with her 5 year old granddaughter. She said she was afraid the wind would blow the flames toward her home.

"It is very concerning, and I'm glad it didn't. If the wind was blowing this way, I would be very concerned," Suarez said.

Thankfully, no one was injured and there was no property damage.

Fire officials stress that it's not a good time to burn, due to the dry and windy conditions.