Saban in Mobile for Team Focus banquet

(image: WPMI) Saban in Mobile for Team Focus banquet
(image: WPMI) Saban in Mobile for Team Focus banquet

Alabama head coach Nick Saban was in Mobile Wednesday night speaking at the annual Team Focus banquet at the Riverview Plaza Hotel.

NBC 15 Sports Director Lance Crawford spoke with the coach.

Nick Saban says, outside of those associated with the University of Alabama, the Team Focus banquet is the only charity event he commits to every year.

Team Focus is a year-round support group for fatherless boys and young men founded by Mike and Mickey Gottfried in 2000, which now has chapters across the country serving more than 4,000 boys since its inception.

The head coach spoke to the media beforehand, and of course one of the questions we had to ask was about his recent hip replacement surgery several weeks ago and his recovery.

"It's great. Really good you know. I always say, they don't make 'em like they used to and there's not a lot of us left. So we're doing very well. We've had some great medical care, good rehab. I certainly appreciate all of the thoughts and prayers. So many people talked to me about so we thank you for that."

The Tide was 14-1 last season - The one loss coming in a blow out to Clemson in the National Championship game, something that obviously still bothers the head coach.

"Everybody's got to put the team first. It's my responsibility, but the way we finished the season, I wondered about some of those things. Whether it was people worried about outcomes or losing our humility because we'd won so many games, I don't know, but we played against a really good team and got exposed and we didn't play our best game. You always want to player your best gin the big games, and as a coach, I'm disappointed in the job I did to help our players do that."

Forget those 14 wins last season, Coach Saban will use that loss as his message to this year's team...