Report: Shake-up in sports for Alabama private schools

(image: Logo of AHSSA The official twitter account for all high school sports action in the state of Alabama){ }Report: Shake-up in sports for Alabama private schools

The Alabama High School Athletic Association approved new rules for classifying private school athletic programs today, according to

Under the new rules, private school teams that dominate their respective classifications will have to move to a higher classification. The change applies only individual sports, not entire schools.

For example, Bayside Academy in Daphne will continue to compete in the 3A classification, except for the Bayside girls volleyball team which will move to 4A. Bayside won its 16th consecutive state volleyball title this year in the 3A classification.

The rule is designed to level the playing field particuarly among private schools. Some private schools in metro areas routinely dominate individual sports.

To see the new classifications by school, click here.