Local neighborhood experiencing a spike in brazen break-ins

Break ins.PNG
Break ins.PNG

Neighbors in Theodore and West Mobile tell NBC 15 they're terrified criminals are becoming more brazen after an attempted break-in ended with shots fired Sunday morning.

“It's is something that you see on television and think it doesn’t happen in your neighborhood,” Concerned neighbor Peter Jablanski said.

Residents along Allegro Drive in Theodore can't believe it's their street making headlines.

Keith Dooley's wife woke up to an alarming sound early Sunday morning.

“She said I could of swore I heard a gunshot,” Dooley said.

Police say Dooley's wife likely heard one of several shots fired from a would-be burglar caught by a witness.

Reports state the witness confronted four people attempting car break-ins on the street. As the crooks ran away, one opened fire.

“We have an 18-month-old daughter and I worry about things like this,” Dooley said.

In instances where a crime in progress is witnessed, officer’s residents to refrain from taking matters into their own hands. Instead, police are asking witnesses to call police with as much information as possible.

“This is just a quiet neighborhood and I was shocked to hear it happened here,” Jablanski said, adding “If it happened here it could happen anywhere.

Police say a similar incident happened nearby just one day before. The subjects appear to be two black males and two white males. Reports also state the subjects entered a newer white or silver Toyota, unknown model.

Additionally, neighbors in the Hillcrest area have caught several break-ins on their home security cameras in the past two weeks.

“We want them out of our neighborhood and we don't want anyone to get hurt,” concerned Hillcrest neighbor Matthew Miller said.

Neighbors hope the community can help police identify these criminals captured lingering too close to home.

“It’s disheartening when you see someone in your yard,” Miller said.

Police say in several of these recent car burglaries, guns were taken from unlocked cars.