Sen. Jeff Sessions tapped for Attorney General

(Source: WPMI) Trump offered the post of Attorney General to Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, one of Trump's closest and most consistent allies.

A couple of cabinet posts have been filled. President-elect Donald Trump is selecting his team to serve under him. Friday morning, Trump offered the post of Attorney General to Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, one of Trump's closest and most consistent allies.

It's big news for Senator Sessions. The 67-year-old has served in the U.S. Senate since 1997. Sessions served as Alabama's Attorney General from 1995-1197 before winning his Senate seat.

Senator Session also served as U.S. Attorney General for Alabama's southern district for 12 years.

Sessions is an attorney who lives in Mobile, and is married with three children.

Alabama's other senator, Senator Richard Shelby, has released a comment on Senator Sessions' appointment. He said, "Not only would Jeff bring integrity and immense expertise to the role of Attorney General due to his decades of experience in the legal field and an impressive tenure on the Senate Judiciary Committee, but Jeff has also gained the deep respect of his Senate colleagues for his commitment to upholding the rule of law."

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley has also released a statement. It reads in part, "I look forward to having conservative leadership in our justice department. Alabama enjoys strong representation in Congress and I want to ensure that continues upon the confirmation of Senator Sessions."

Governor Bentley will be the one to appoint Senator Sessions' replacement.

In Friday's statement he goes on to say, "I will choose an appointee who shares those values and will work to further the agenda of President-elect Trump, all while keeping Alabama first in his or her mind."

Not everyone is excited about Sessions' possible roll as Attorney General following racial comments sessions has made that recently come to light. Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz said the move will not bring the country together.

"Let's remember that Jeff Sessions was nominated for a federal judgeship by President Reagan and at the time was one of only two in 60 years to be rejected by the Senate Judiciary Committee, which was controlled by republicans at the time, because of his previous racist statements and really outrageous comments," she said.

U.S. Attorney Kenyen Brown released this statement, "Jeff Sessions is a man of outstanding character with an impeccable reputation for integrity. I have no doubt that he will be an outstanding U.S. Attorney General. I wish him much success in this new leadership role in our nation."

Reverend Jesse Jackson also shared this statement:

The Trump camp however say they have done their due diligence and they are comfortable with their decision.

"We're aware of 30 some years ago and we are aware of his incredible career throughout his life, and the 15 years as the federal prosecutor," said Trump senior advisor Kellyanne Conway.

If Senator Sessions is approved, Governor Bentley will appoint his replacement. Some of those who may be interested are State Senator Trip Pittman from Baldwin County. Others mentioned as possible candidates are Attorney General Luther Strange, Congresswoman Martha Roby and State Senator Cam Ward.