Exclusive: USA coach inspiring others to stand out


Strength and conditioning coach Callye Williams says she stands at five feet four inches, on a good day. But being small doesn’t mean she is scared. She still demands respect.

She believes in practicing what you preach, and expects all her athletes to do what they’re told. But Coach Williams says there’s more to her job than just being “the female.” She says relationships are the most important part, and once developed the “gender card” doesn’t matter anymore.

According to coach being a woman in a man’s world is all about standing out. Standing out is exactly what she is doing. Last week, the University of South Alabama announced her as their new director of strength and conditioning. Proving that her height and gender, mean nothing when it comes to following her dreams. As the director, she oversees all the sports except football. However, she will continue to assist in coaching the football player.

South Alabama fifth-year senior Abby Bakers says those guys on the football team respect Coach Williams. She can do everything they can do, if not more. Baker also says Williams is a huge inspiration to her and her teammates.