Double red danger along Gulf Shores Beach

(WPMI) Double red danger
(WPMI) Double red danger

In Gulf Shores dangerous rip currents have been the main concern.

Double red flags have been flying for two days.The outer bands of the storm have brought rain showers as well.

Lifeguards tell us what you see along the beach are four to six foot waves immediately offshore, however if you watch the waves beyond the second sand bar the surf is more like eight to ten foot waves. The biggest risk are the rip currents today, unlike other areas of the Gulf Coast flooding is not expected for now.

Lifeguards along with police patrols on the beach have been warning and reminding people that these are potentially deadly waves.

Double red flags means "No swimming." Officers on patrol take the warning seriously.

"If you are in the water and the lifeguards or any city official approaches you and asks you to exit the water and if you do not exit the water the police will be called.

They can write you a ticket or they could arrest you just depending on the attitude and how belligerent the person is being," said Melvin Shepard with the city of Gulf Shores.