Auburn Wants the Largest Video Scoreboard in College Football

AUBURN, Ala. (WPMI) -- It is the offseason, soget ready for the latest round of stadium upgrade battles. The victors gothe spoils, and more often than not those victors hail from the powerconferences. Auburn wants to stake a claim at the largest video scoreboard inthe nation.

Auburn's Board of Trustees will vote on whetherto approve or deny funding for construction of a 200-wide scoreboard in thesouth end zone of Jordan-Hare Stadium with a price tag of $13.9 million,according to a report from If approved, Auburn athletics director JayJacobs claims it will be the largest video scoreboard in the country.

Texas A&M currently holds claim to the largest videoscoreboard in the country, a screen measuring 7,661 square feet. This claim wasmade just last July. Now Texas A&M would not even have the largest videoscoreboard in their own division, if Auburn receives the nod of approval tomove forward with the plans for the video scoreboard.