Stop sign was hidden during fatal Robertsdale crash

(IMG: WPMI) Stop sign was hidden during fatal Robertsdale crash
(IMG: WPMI) Stop sign was hidden during fatal Robertsdale crash

Trees completely blocked the stop sign last Tuesday when a Jeep ran through the intersection of County Road 85 and Highway 90, slamming into a Toyota Highlander.

Two teens were killed and four were injured. A pregnant woman was forced to give birth early.

That frustrates Brandon Baker, the brother of one of the crash victims.

“For the limbs to be cut back a few days later and the stop sign actually moved closer to the road now, I hope that was an eye-opener,” said Baker.

It was an eye-opener for Baldwin County highway department, who told us Monday, they cut the limbs themselves.

We drove down County Road 85 toward Highway 90 to see what it looks like now.

A "stop ahead" sign is clearly visible, but the stop sign is still obscured until you get closer.

Baker believes that extra warning could have saved his brother pain.

“I just hate for a 16-year-old kid who is probably going to have psychological issues now, his friends were all just having fun, doing what sixteen-year-old’s do, and this is the end result."

As for what caused the wreck, authorities are only saying what didn't cause it.

“At this time, we do not have any reason to believe any alcohol, drugs or that speed was a factor,” Lt. Rex Bishop said.

Now, all that remains are bright red lines from the accident scene, deflated black balloons and a cross bearing the two fallen teen's names...

Bobbi Beverly was at the scene Monday. She rushed to help when the crash happened.

“I pulled over and just went to help with the kids, they were everywhere, it was awful,” she said.

She's glad the stop sign is visible now... An intersection she travels often, that she'll never look at the same.

“I just automatically just kind of drift over there, to kind of think about those guys, the lady and the baby."

Identities of those involved were released last week:

Vehicle #1 – Jeep (6 occupants)

Driver: 16-year-old Robertsdale resident, name not released, only person wearing a seat belt according to police

Desmond Minter, Loxley resident, 15 years old, killed at scene

Robert Brady Sellers, 16 years old, died at hospital

Cory Reed Clem, Robertsdale resident, 16 years old, treated and released

Rafael Houston Nunez, Robertsdale resident, 16 years old, still in hospital in stable condition

Austin Chase Langham, Robertsdale resident, 16 years old, in hospital in serious condition

Vehicle #2 - Toyota Highlander (1 occupant)

Driver: Taylor Marie Baxter, Robertsdale resident, 27 years old. Police say Baxter was pregnant at the time of the crash and later gave birth. They say mother and baby are doing well.