Salute to First Responders: Spreading a message of love one hug at a time


Seven-year-old Rosalyn is on a mission to spread a message of love one hug at a time. Her parents say it was all Rosalyn's idea.

"The mission is to simply allow the love of a child help bring some healing, peace, and reconciliation to the brokenness that has been rampant in our nation," Eric Baldwin, Rosalyn's dad, said.

Rosalyn hopes to hug cops in all 50 states. She's now managed to spread the love along the Gulf Coast, every journey beginning with a single step.

"They can risk their lives...and just be super good...and I need to tell you, we want to kiss cops, in at least, hug cops in all the states," Rosalyn said.

Deputies Paul Pitzulo and Johathan Kelly of the Mobile County Sheriff's Office said, "To see someone that young come in and show that much respect and love for police officers...I thought it was great. It really was nice, especially when it was real and from the means a lot."

A few lucky Mobile County sheriff's deputies were on the receiving end of those hugs...and they were eager to give back as well.