Reality Check: The $50 fix that could protect your home


Tonight we are showing you a cheap and wildly simple way to protect your home from burglars. According to Mobile crime stats, there were an average of seven burglaries a day last year. That's almost a 20% increase from the year before. Local 15's Andrea Ramey investigates different ways to reinforce your doors and found one that works this Reality Check.

It took little effort to bust through this locked front door. The reason? Short screws. The screws that come with most door strike plates are short, a half inch or less, that only go into the doorframe and not the stud.

We tried using longer screws and installed 3" stainless steel screws that went into the stud and supposedly made it much harder to kick open.

It stayed put when I kicked it, but the longer screws were no match for our chief photographer Mike Corry. After just a few kicks the screws bent and the door flew right open.

Knowing how to stop burglars is crucial. According to the FBI, the Mobile area was in the top 10% of metro areas for burglaries in the country in 2015. The average dollar loss per burglary, according to the FBI, was $2,316 for victims.

Worried we'd exhausted all options, we contacted Imperial Locksmith. Owner Robert Stout showed us this. It's called a Jamb Enforcer.

"You basically line it up here, and then you would drill in your screws," said Stout. "That way when they kick the door the force goes this way, this way."

You can hire a locksmith to install one or you can make it a DIY project and buy a similar one at Lowe's for $50, which is what we did.

The kit came with seven 3" screws that we installed in the same door Corry busted right through.

We already knew my kicks weren't going to do much, but what about when Corry kicked it? And kept kicking it. It didn't budge. So, we tried it as a team.

Despite our best efforts, the door stayed put. Proving this $50 purchase was well-worth it.

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