Reality Check: How much will the Bayway toll cost?

(IMG:WPMI){ }Reality Check: How much will the Bayway toll cost?

The sleek, cable-style Mobile River Bridge and congestion-free, eight-lane Bayway doesn't come cheap. Those who drive it will pay for it. The state is currently studying how much to charge in order to pay for the $2 billion project.

Things like traffic count, financing, and regional comparison are all being considered. So hopefully, the price swings closer to the toll in Montgomery, which is $1.50 and not the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, which is $5.00.

"Would you pay a toll?" asked reporter Andrea Ramey.

"What else are you going to do? They're going to force us to." replied Loxley resident Chad Gestewitz.

"I couldn't hardly stand to work if I had to pay every day," said Mobile resident Kay Adams.

How much we'll pay is unknown, but ALDOT says Florida and Texas are good comparisons. According to Cost 2 Drive, in those states, variable rates for tolls account for almost half. In Texas, the other half charge $3.00 or $3.50. In Florida, rates range from $1.00 to $6.00. There are currently four tolls in Alabama, which also boast some of the cheapest rates you can find the country at a $1.50.

"At what point would you say I'm not paying that." asked Ramey.

"I'm not paying $3.00 a day," replied Adams.

Fred Garvey lives in Boston and is used to paying tolls.

"How much monthly do you pay in tolls?" asked Ramey.

"Monthly? $20, $25 in tolls," replied Garvey.

"What's the average price of the toll you pay?" asked Ramey.

"Well, it varies but a $1.00, $1.50," replied Garvey.

Some of the highest toll rates in the country can be found in New Jersey at $15 a pop.

Whatever we wind up paying, Governor Kay Ivey says, will be well worth it.

"It's one of the biggest projects in the United States, and it will certainly mean a lot to the economy and travel in this area. It's huge," said Ivey.

ALDOT says hopefully in the next few weeks we should find out what the pricing will be. The good news is the Causeway will remain free.