Reality Check: DA says Pearman was employed with Prichard PD when alleged rape occurred

(IMG:WPMI){ }Reality Check: DA says Pearman was employed with Prichard PD when alleged rape occurred

Former Prichard Police officer Bryan Pearman was released from jail less than two hours after he was booked on new charges of rape and kidnapping.

NBC 15's Christian Jennings is asking how that's possible, since Pearman was already out on bond in a separate case.

NBC 15 also learned disturbing new information Wednesday.

The District Attorney's Office confirms that Pearman was an active police officer in Prichard when this alleged rape happened in the summer of 2017.

Officials weren't able to tell us whether he was on duty at the time of the alleged crime.

We reported back in November that a grand jury indicted Pearman in a separate case on charges of domestic violence, kidnapping and harassing communications.

Now, there's a new indictment. This time a different woman is accusing Pearman of rape and kidnapping.

The DA's office says Pearman was entitled to a bond in this case because the alleged rape happened prior to the November arrest, so he didn't violate his previous bond conditions.

In this most recent case, Pearman had a total bond of $57,500, which he posted quickly.

"With the rape 1st case and kidnapping, bonds were set by the grand jury and the circuit court judge who approves the indictments signs off on those," said Assistant District Attorney Tandice Hogan.

Despite our requests, Prichard Police have still not released a statement in response to these recent charges, nor have they given an explanation for why they re-hired Pearman in the first place knowing Pearman had been arrested twice before.