A health product sending teen athletes to the ER

A health product sending teen athletes to the ER (IMG:WPMI)

NBC 15 News has a health alert about a disturbing trend at hospitals around the country.

Student athletes are taking too much protein powder.

Vanilla, chocolate or cookies and cream.

Protein powder options are endless at Five Star Nutrition.

But store sales representative Andrew Moorefield says more important than stocking up on favorite flavors is knowing customers' nutrition needs.

Especially during the summer months when Dayton Children's Hostpital says too many teens are taking trips to the ER because they're taking in too much protein powder.

Dayton Children's Hospital says teens, especially those not drinking enough water, are urinating blood due to the protein powder overload.

The hospital says moderation is key and, for some teens, protein powder may not even be necessary.

That's why Five Star Nutrition says they're making sure every teen that walks through their doors gets the proper protein powder and nutrition they need.

"We lay out for them where we can write their meal plans out for them. We can give them a good list of just good food ideas,” says Moorefield.

So how much protein does your teen need?

Doctors say the average teen athlete needs about 0.6 grams of protein per pound of body weight per day.

That means a 120 pound teen athlete needs between 60 and 84 grams a day.

A teen athlete weighing in at around 160 pounds needs 80 to 112 grams of protein a day.