Prichard street light investigation uncovers new information

(WPMI) Prichard street light investigation uncovers new information
(WPMI) Prichard street light investigation uncovers new information

An NBC 15 investigation is continuing to get answers.

Monday, Alabama Power restored light to seven street lights along Wilson Avenue in Prichard, but many more still don't work.

Alabama Power says the street lights are metered, which means the city only pays for lights that work.

However, many of these lights haven't been on for years according to people who live here.

"The city knows what their responsibility is and Alabama Power knows what their responsibility is," said Howard Porter.

Howard Porter is a former chief of staff in Prichard. Now, he's a concerned resident.

He says streets of darkness have been an issue for too long.

"It’s been going on for years," he said.

Porter says he was happy to see Alabama Power fix some lights along Wilson Avenue after an NBC 15 Reality Check exposed the problem.

"5:30 it was like midnight. We couldn't see on the side of the building. We couldn't see in the back of the building. Now we can see," said Maurice White.

Business owners say the dark streets are a safety issue and they're glad to see some change, but Porter says it's far from over.

"There were lights around the concerned establishment, but it’s a bigger problem than that. A much bigger problem,” said Porter.

Alabama Power says it's only responsible for the bulbs. It's up to the city of Prichard to fix the rest of the wiring and hardware problems.

Tuesday, we asked the mayor's office what the city was going to do. That question and several others weren't answered.

"Often times what happens is that does not include any maintenance with the lights, and often times it will cause them to be inoperable in the lights shorting out and placing people’s lives in danger," said Porter.

Porter says he's counting on the people of Prichard to keep this issue at the forefront.

"I hope they can put the pressure where the pressure needs to be," he said.

We asked for a record of payments, but the the mayor's office did not answer that question.

It says to contact Alabama Power if there is a problem with street lights.

Alabama Power says it looks forward to working with with the city in the future to keep the lights working.