Lamborghini bursts into flames after gas pump ripped out

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{ }Lamborghini bursts into flames after gas pump ripped out

According to the Miami-Herald, a high-end sports car caught fire and burned down to its metal frame after a minivan was seen on video driving off with a fuel pump at a gas station Saturday night.

Parker Gelber witnessed the car fire and shared his story in a Facebook post on Sunday.

Gelber and his friend were out driving their Lamborghinis and stopped at the gas station to fill up on fuel.

When they went inside to pay, that's when things really heated up.

Both the drivers went inside to pay for gas and water, he wrote.

"As soon as we walked in, we saw a massive fireball out the window," Gelber said on Facebook. "We all ran out of the gas station to the other side of the road. At this point, we had no idea what happened or who’s (sic) car(s) were on fire. We dialed 911 and when the fire was out you could see that his car was completely burned down, our red one just covered in ash."

Gelber's post detailing the ordeal has since been shared more than 10,000 times.

It also includes video from another witness who saw a minivan pulling away from the scene moments before the fire.

In the video, the man behind the camera, identified by the Riverfront Times as Paul Hayo, can be heard saying, "Not one, but two," pointing the lens from one Lambo to the next.

Then, a van at a pump on the other side of the blue Lamborghini is seen driving away with a gas nozzle still attached. The pump snaps and leftover fuel from inside the hose sprays everywhere, the video shows.

"What the **** is going on with this thing?" Hayo says as the van takes off.

Gelber and firefighters told the Riverfront Times they suspect the broken pump sprayed gasoline into the blue Lambo's engine bay, causing the fire.

Gelber said it "instantly ignited."

According to KTVI, police have deemed the car fire to be an accident, and the driver of the van isn't facing charges.

No one was injured, but the blue Lamborghini was destroyed in the flames.

"Just thankful we all got away safe and it didn’t escalate into a bigger fire," Gelber wrote on Facebook. "No one was in the cars at the time."

It wasn't the only Laborghini to be damaged last week.

In Chicago, a man driving a Lamborghini said he was trying to avoid a crash when he accidentally hit the accelerator instead of the brake and ended up wedging the car underneath another vehicle, according to WLS.

A blue Lamborghini Huracán Performante caught fire Saturday, July 7, 2018 at a Kirkwood, Missouri, gas station after a minivan was seen driving off with a fuel pump. Witnesses suspect the leftover fuel in the hose sprayed into the Lamborghini's engine bay.