Determined man mows lawn amid heavy downpour in Florida

(Courtesy Jeff J.T. Armstrong via Storyful)

COCOA, Fla. (SBG) - Strong storms and heavy rain weren’t enough to keep this motivated mower from trimming the lawn in Cocoa, Florida on June 13.

This video, filmed from a neighboring property and shared to Instagram, shows the determined lawn mower braving dense rainfall and an ankle-deep puddle to ensure his grass gets a tidy trim.

“He doesn’t care. I’d rather mow in the rain. You gotta keep mowin’,” an encouraging man can be heard saying in the background of the footage.

“#onlyinflorida. [A] little rain never stops mowing of [the] yard,” the uploader captioned the post.

The National Weather Service reported strong storms in the region with the potential for “dangerous lightning strikes and heavy rainfall”, as well as wind gusts in excess of 40 mph.