Baldwin County man searches for woman he found, then lost, on the internet

(WPMI) Desperately seeking Susan: Baldwin County man gets date using yard sign
(WPMI){ }Desperately seeking Susan: Baldwin County man gets date using yard sign

Mike Knowles and his dog Budy are the best of friends.

The two live at their perfect spot in rural Baldwin County near Fairhope.

For Mike, a former U.S. Marine Corps sergeant, life is good. But it could be better if he could spend these days with someone special.

The good news? He thinks he may have found her online.

"I saw her picture and I sent her a message. I thought she was a very pretty lady," said Knowles.

Her name is Susan and she lives in Baldwin County. For more than a month the two grew closer, exchanging messages online.

They had so much in common.

"We were to the point where I was about to ask her to go out with me, because we were at that point,” he said. “And I was in the process of sending her a message to have dinner with me."

And that's when everything that was going so right went wrong.

"I wrote her a message and somehow or another I pulled up something that had 'delete' on it, and I pushed that button and it wiped everything out," Mike recalled. “And all of a sudden, it was gone."

Mike was desperate. He knew very little about Susan except that she lived in the neighborhood and would probably be driving through the intersection of County Road 32 and 181 just about every day.

Mike was determined.

"I said, well, I'm gonna make a sign and put it on the corner. And if she goes out that way to Walmart, if she's a sign reader, she'll see my sign," he said.

The sign displayed his phone number and the message, "Susan! Call Mike! My computer is down!"

Soon that sign was making the rounds on the same place they'd met - the internet - thanks to a post by Lynn Henderson Oldshue, editor of the local magazine "Our Southern Souls."

Susan saw it, too, Mike said.

"And I got a call from her this morning and she said, 'I think I'm the lady you're looking for,'" Knowles said.

Mike wasted no words this time, inviting Susan to dinner. She accepted.

Will romance bloom?

Even if it doesn't, Mike says he has a new friend.

And then there’s this:

“I had two ladies call me last night,” he said. “They said, if you can't find her, keep my number."

Will the friendship blossom? We’ll follow up and let you know soon.