Activists of color respond after Washingtonian photo shoot appears to include only whites

@masterwilliams 1.jpg
Activists take counter photos after Washingtonian campaign includes only white people. (Photo by: @masterwilliams)

Union Market was flooded with diversity Sunday after activists rallied D.C. locals for a counter photo shoot in response to the Washingtonian Magazine's recent "I'm Not A Tourist" Instagram campaign that appeared to include only white people.

The counter photo shoot, organized by local activists Tony Lewis Jr. and Angel Anderson, took place less than a week after the Washingtonian rolled out their campaign on Instagram with a series of photos.

"Angel Anderson and I organized a counter photo shoot to the Washingtonian Magazines “I am not a Tourist, I live here” campaign . We couldn’t have imagined that this shoot would be attended and executed any better than it did. The way we showed up to positively and immediately reply to a blatant disregard and dismissal of our existence is exactly what should happen. @washingtonianmag nor any other media outlet will ever be able to visually depict life in Washington, DC without including us. We can organize. We can be present. We are DC. This is what DC looks like when two natives call on their village. Thank you @masterwilliams For capturing these images. For capturing the energy. The love," Lewis said in a statement to ABC7.

The Washingtonian has since deleted the photos from Instagram and issued an apology, stating in part, "This was the very beginning of a campaign in which all intentions are to include the many communities that make up our city. We solicited pictures from a diverse group of people and put the pictures up in the order they came in."