Could you pass an American citizenship test?

Photo: MGN Online

WASHINGTON (Circa) - 2018 marks the 242nd Independence Day celebrations to happen in the United States of America.

To celebrate the grand occasion, take this quiz testing your knowledge of American history and facts that you need to know.

The questions in this quiz are sample questions of what would be in a hypothetical American citizenship exam.

When taking a civics test to become a citizen, you must answer at least 60% of the questions correctly (6 out of 10). The 10 questions you are asked are randomly picked from a list of at least 100 questions you are required to study prior to taking the exam.

We decided to give you a super-sized version of the 10 question test (30 questions). Could you pass and become a citizen? To become a citizen, you would need to answer 60% of the questions correctly.

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