Mobile city council expresses emotion over loss of Officer Tuder

Council remembers.jpg

City council members began their meeting with prayer, silently, because no words could adequately express the gravity of the loss of Officer Sean Tuder.

One by one, each council member said what they felt they could.

"For the second time in a year we are faced with a horrible crime that leaves more questions than answers. Why was this young, fine man cut off in the prime of his life? What was the perpetrator hoping to accomplish?" Joel Daves asked.

His words expressed the frustration at the senseless loss of life, echoed by his colleagues.

"It is hard to put in perspective or to really even understand how the Mobile Police Department can handle this loss,” said Bess Rich.

Councilwoman Gina Gregory also commended the community for showing up to support yesterday's procession.

Mayor Sandy Stimpson was still distraught.

“You know, it's difficult to talk about other things because of the situation revolving around that [his death]. Many of us can't understand the grieving his family is going through,” said Stimpson.

Each councilperson offered their prayers to the family of Officer Tuder,

Councilwoman Rich said there is a small gesture you can make.

"If you would like to write a note or a card and you get it to one of the precincts, they'll make sure the family gets your note or your card,” said Rich.