Investigation: Woman says Prichard Housing unit filled with mold

(image: WPMI) Woman says Prichard Housing unit filled with mold

A mother of three says their public housing unit is infested with mold.

She says she's been battling it for four years. You can see it on the bathroom ceilings, in closets, over the stove and around vents.

"It's like it's starting to form through the house," she said.

Prichard Housing Authority manages the home in the Magnolia Trace subdivision. She says after being ignored for so long she decided to get their attention by not paying her rent for six months

"I was like okay nobody's answering the phone. Nobody wants to return my phone call. I was like I'll just stop paying the rent and maybe it'll get somebody's attention and it did," she said.

She says three weeks ago they did some testing and a manager told her it was in fact mold. She says she asked to be moved to another unit but that never happened.

"They come in trying to do work while we're in the house," she said.

She says workers replaced some sheetrock and just painted over the mold in other areas.

"They spray painted over it and it's popping back out," she said.

She says she's worried about the affect this could have on her children including her 13-year-old daughter who's in remission from thyroid cancer.

"Her breathing it in is making her situation worse," she said. "It's not healthy for any of us really."

She says they can no longer live in the house.

"Now that I know for sure it's mold I'm not about to keep staying here and me and my kids just breathing it in," she said.

NBC 15 reached out to Prichard Housing Authority by phone and email and have not heard back yet.