Warnings issued as 1st cases of fatal plant disease "Citrus Greening" hit Mobile, Baldwin


A warning had been issued for local farmers and growers after a deadly disease affecting citrus plants has been found in our area.

The disease called "Citrus Greening" was found in Dauphin Island and in Orange Beach and are the only two known cases in the state of Alabama.

Experts are going door to door looking for residences and businesses with plants that could possibly be affected by Citrus Greening.

This is hugely important for farmers whose livelihood depends on the fruits.

Representatives with the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries were in Orange Beach where they found plants with the Asian citrus Psyllid which is an insect known to transmit the disease.

The state began looking for citrus greening in Baldwin County after a case showed up in Dauphin Island and at Bear Point in Orange beach.

Citrus greening is a disease known to starve a plant of oxygen, eventually killing it and it can easily spread from tree to tree

The state of Florida has seen massive losses to its citrus industry due to the disease and has spent billions trying to fight the insect that spreads it.

"In Florida, think 70% of their citrus has been wiped out by citrus greening. We know how devastating it can be so we're trying to catch this disease early to protect the growing citrus industry in our state," said Britaney Allen with the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries.

If you're concerned that you might have plants with Citrus Greening, you're asked to contact the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries immediately.