Tropical Storm Cindy delays water line repair on Causeway

(WPMI) The cost of the repair and temporary bypass is about $3.8 million dollars.

Tropical Storm Cindy has pushed back the completion date for the repair of the Spanish Fort water line on the Causeway. Mobile Area Water and Sewer System (MAWSS) estimates it may be mid-August or later before the permanent repair is complete.

The repair is an extraordinary undertaking that required a horizontal directional drill 90 feet under the Bay. Specialty contractors from Texas and Oklahoma were brought in along with $9 million in contractor equipment, more equipment than required for any other water main in the MAWSS system.

The existing repair includes approximately 3000 feet of 36-inch diameter welded steel casing. Depending on weather conditions, the casing is expected to be fed into the drilled hole sometime this month. The casing will house an 18-inch ductile iron pipe that will transport water to Spanish Fort customers.

The iron pipe will replace a water line segment made of HDPE plastic pipe that broke early New Year’s Day leaving Spanish Fort customers on the Causeway, including several restaurants, without water until emergency service was restored that evening. A temporary, above ground bypass line is currently providing water to Spanish Fort. The cost of the repair and temporary bypass is about $3.8 million dollars.