Thousands attend Blue Angels dress rehearsal


Earlier this afternoon, spectators gathered for the Blue Angels rehearsal. Before the show rain clouds rolled in making beachgoers a little nervous, but that did not stop them from having fun. Most remained optimistic that the show would still go on.

Luckily for these visitors the weather blew north of the beach, keeping the show right on schedule. But for Donna Jones and Donald Davidson, Blue’s weekend is all about the atmosphere. Jones said, “It’s the Blues and when you get out there in the water and look back it’s what America is about. I mean it’s just freaking awesome.”

Families poured in once the weather passed, but the crowd today is nothing compared to what’s expected for tomorrow. Katlin Bass, a native of the Pensacola area said, “It’s going to be this crowd times five.”

The Blues will take flight Saturday starting at 2 p.m., but the smaller planes will begin their flight around noon. Locals say to expect the parking lots like the ones at Casino Beach to fill up by 8 a.m.