The City talks Mardi Gras clean-up post parade

(IMG:WPMI){ }The City talks Mardi Gras clean-up post parade

Beads and more beads are clogging the storm drains. NBC 15 News first told you that the city installed bead catchers downtown to prevent this problem.

We have 35,000 drains in Mobile, and most of them are downtown. The City put these screens in front of the drain to prevent trash and beads from getting down there.

“Our regular cleanup crew has picked up 89 tons of debris,” said Bill Harkins with the City of Mobile Public Works.

After every parade, trash fills the streets and beads fill the drains.

“After the parades are all done and the crew comes through, they do a fabulous job with cleaning up, but it is a mess right now. It’s crazy look at all the beads still laying around,” said Elizabeth Koontz, from Mobile, AL.

Bill Harkins with the City of Mobile says not on his watch, after every parade they sweep the streets and drains with a new recycling initiative.

“One will carry a black bag for liter, one will carry a white bag for recyclables and asking people to throw them in there before throwing them on the ground,” said Bill Harkins.

Harkins says the drains are working, though some beads will slip through the cracks when there are heavy rains. Once you see and hear a firetruck towards the end of the parade, back out of the way because that’s when they will begin to clean the streets.