St. Luke's Episcopal School celebrates first perfect ACT score

(WPMI) St. Luke's Episcopal School celebrates first perfect ACT score
(WPMI) St. Luke's Episcopal School celebrates first perfect ACT score

A student at St. Luke's Episcopal School has made a perfect score on his ACT.

Friday, the school celebrated his amazing accomplishment. You may be surprised to hear what his secret was.

Garrett Upshaw may only be 17 years old, but he’s extremely bright. He's the first student at St. Luke's to make a perfect ACT score: a 36.

That’s the number his friends and classmates held up in the quad Friday during his celebration ceremony.

Garrett says he’s a perfectionist. He has no secret to passing tests with flying colors. In fact, he says he barely studied for the ACT.

"This was my second take of it. My first time I got a 34, and I’ve just been pretty good at test taking. I don’t know, just genes or something," Garrett said.

His parents proudly stood next to him Friday. His mom says they had nothing to do with Garrett’s success on the test.

"He always tries his best. And there have been many times, really even since middle school, that we have pulled him off his books and said, 'Son, that’s enough. Go outside, kick a soccer ball, get in the sun.' It’s never been about pushing him. He has pushed himself," Garrett's mother, Stacy Upshaw, said.

St. Luke's Head of School Darren Pascavage says Garrett is a model student. His accomplishment is also a big deal to the school, especially this year when schools may have struggled to find things to celebrate during the coronavirus pandemic.

"I know there are younger students that are looking at Garrett and saying to themselves, 'Hmm, maybe one day I can be up there,' " Pascavage said.

As for garrets future plans

"I know I want to major in chemistry. I don’t know if I will take that into medical, engineering, or into a business or something. But I’m not sure where I want to go yet. I am looking out of state at eight different options now," Garrett said.