Severe weather wreaks havoc in North Alabama

(IMAGE:WPMI)Severe weather wrecks havoc in Blount County

It's way too familiar a scene in North Alabama, cleanup after a storm slams the area.

The sound of chainsaws trying to clear paths, as massive trees on homes and cars are split into pieces as if they were mere twigs.

Lawn equipment and toys tossed around like paper.

Residents of all good say the storm came fast and it was furious, one said "I tried to get out but it hit just that quick".

Folks who live in this mobile home community walked their neighborhood after the storm surveying the damage, helping neighbors, and making sure everyone was accounted for.

Tonya starling says she was home alone, when "trees hit trailers, a lot of people lost their cars."

She's just thankful tonight she says that her home is still standing.

By nightfall the only light came from the headlights of emergency and cleanup crews.

The rain began to fall again, slowing down the cleanup process.

Folks in Allgood say they know the cleanup won't happen overnight, and they're okay with that, as long as they go to sleep tonight knowing no one was hurt and no one was killed.