Scott Dawson calls out Gov. Ivey for "betraying Alabama values"

(IMG:WPMI){ }Scott Dawson calls out Gov. Ivey for betraying Alabama values

Tough talk in Alabama's Gubernatorial race with a Republican challenger accusing current Governor, Kay Ivey, of betraying Alabama values.

Scott Dawson called out the Ivey Administration for funding a group called "Free to Be" that has offices in Mobile and all across the state.

Free to Be advocates for the LGBTQ community, so Dawson contends it shouldn't be funded by the State.

The funding started in 2014 under then-Governor, Robert Bentley.

Free to Be has received hundreds of thousands of dollars over the past few years.

Ivey counters that the money given to Free to Be is federal funding that is passed through the State and says that funding was recently cut off after discrepancies were discovered.

Free to Be closed its offices across the state last week without explanation.