Santa Rosa Sound rises during Hurricane Michael, floods entire neighborhoods

Santa Rosa Sound

PENSACOLA BEACH, Fla. (WPMI) - While Pensacola Beach was spared much of the damage from the outer bands of Hurricane Michael on Wednesday, a number of people still dealt with heavy flooding in their neighborhoods.

On Wednesday, crowds enjoyed the sights and sounds of Gulf waves crashing onto Pensacola Beach, due to the outer bands of Hurricane Michael

However, a number of residents watched rising waters pour over barriers along the Santa Rosa Sound and swamp their neighborhoods.

Sally Chamberlin lives in the Ensenada Dos neighborhood.

"I just wasn't anticipating this. This is kind of a surprise," said Chamberlin.

Chamberlin put her outdoor belongings in the bottom stairwell of her home and hoped for the best.

Chamberlin remained positive despite the water reaching several feet deep around her property.

"We can handle this. This is much better than the direct hit we almost got,” Chamberlin said.

Despite warnings from officials, some drivers tested the waters to sightsee.

But most residents left their vehicles parked by the road.

Ensenada Dos resident Scott Brown said they often see flooding from storms and have tried to get local officials to fix the problem.

"I was very surprised with the amount of water that came from the sound with this storm. I know the Santa Rosa Island Authority has tried to fix it but I guess it's back to the drawing board," said Brown.

Like Brown, Chamberlin is just glad it wasn't worse. Their thoughts are with those in the heart of the storm's path.

"I cried. It just makes me very sad. I think we're all just very very thankful. I think if that storm had hit here, we would've come home to nothing," Chamberlin said.

Many residents also had stairs to the water destroyed in the heavy surf.

The waters have gone down a little but based on past storms, residents say they think the flooding could last until next week.