Police Concerned with Guns and Social Media


MOBILE, Ala. (WPMI) Children with guns becoming a big problem here in Mobile.

Two teens have been killed already in 2016 from accidental shootings and it's something police say will continue to be an issue unless the community steps up.

Local 15's Bryan Carnaggio explains what Police want you to look for.

Only eleven days into the new year, two teens have shot to death in separate accidental shootings.

Police say 18-year-old Kaylieb Gaston died after suffering a gunshot wound to the head on Jan. 2.

A week later, 16-year-old Jermaine Wright loses his life after being shot in the face.

"It definitely concerns us that we have two juvenile cases in a short period of time this year and we had two juveniles acting recklessly with a firearm," Officer Terence Perkins said.

In Gaston's death police charged a 14-year-old male with manslaughter.

The same happened to Wright's 15-year-old girlfriend.

"The intent is not there. They were reckless in their behavior. She was reckless when she was playing with the firearm and she caused the death of a victim, so we have to charge her with manslaughter," Perkins said.

What's troubling the most, maybe this all could have been prevented.

Photos have been posted to Facebook of Wright and his girlfriend months ago, posing in photos with a black pistol in hand.

"We have several posts on social media where young people are posting themselves with firearms. Well if that information is relayed to Mobile Police Department, we can go out and begin to conduct our investigation and hopefully save someone's life," Perkins said.

A trend officials believe is a result of the world we live in.

"It's part of society that unfortunately our young people are exposed to a lot out in society," Superintendent Martha Peek said.

Police want to stress again, that all these tips can be anonymous. They are just asking for the community to work together and provide the information to get these guns off the streets.