Parking citations are up this Mardi Gras season

(WPMI) Parking citations are way up this Mardi Gras season
(WPMI) Parking citations are way up this Mardi Gras season

The "no parking" signs are everywhere, but something isn't working.

"What we are finding is some people are parking partially on the curb, and sidewalk, and street. And those vehicles are being ticketed," says Sgt. Laderrick Dubose, who was on motorcycle patrol tonight.

The numbers are way up.

This time last year, there were 255 parking citations issued to parade-goers.

This year, there have already been a whopping 547 tickets.

"If we could get 99 percent of the participants down here, and not have to write one ticket or tow one car, that would be perfect for everybody," said Dubose.

Mobile Mardi Gras veterans like Mobile Mask's Steve Joynt say it puts a damper on the fun.

"I hate seeing cars get towed away. You come out here to have fun and the next thing you know, your whole night is ruined because your car is gone and the city has it," said Joynt.

That's at least $125 you could have spent on something else.

At this point last year, police towed 51 cars.

So far this season, it's already at 65.

"We always park, that's Hamilton over by the chamber of commerce," said a man walking toward downtown.

His Wisconsin family has been coming to Mobile Mardi Gras for 16 years, and their strategy is to get downtown early.

"Of course you're an hour and a half early for the parade, but I know how to take a nap in my car," he laughed.

They haven't had to face a ticket or a tow yet.

Mobile Police say they know parking rules sometimes slide, but it's not worth the risk.

"Probably 99 percent of them could have been avoided by just not parking where you shouldn't park," Dubose said.

Tonight, 135 citations were issued, and 13 cars were towed.