Parents reunited with students involved in fatal bus crash

(IMG:WPMI){ }Parents reunited with students involved in fatal bus crash

As the investigation into a fatal bus crash continues, frantic parents desperate to be reunited with their children rushed from Texas to a local church that welcomed them with open doors.

One by one, parents of teens involved in Tuesday’s horrific bus crash rushed inside Coastal Church in Daphne.

Many parents told NBC 15 they were thrilled to be reunited with their children after hours of uncertainty.

Sonia Torres said the wait was excruciating but the drive was worth it just to hold her daughter again.

"My daughter called and she just said ‘Mom, I’ve been in a wreck.’ And I just thought she was joking with me," said Torres.

Torres got that call around 6 a.m., just 15 minutes after her daughter's charter bus swerved off I-10 near Wilcox and plunged into a 50-foot ravine beneath a bridge. Torres' daughter was one of dozens of Houston-area Channelview High School students returning from a trip to Disney World in Orlando.

"I didn't know who i needed to get in touch with or who i needed to call. Thank God she called me and let me know immediately," Torres said.

For Francisco Cacares, panic turned to relief when he found out his daughter survived the bus crash with only minor injures to her arm and chest.

"I'm happy right now. Everything is OK right now for my daughter," said Cacares.

Coastal Church opened its doors to house students on the bus who were either uninjured or released from the hospital. While the shell-shocked students waited for their parents to make the trip, volunteers and law enforcement officials donated their time while folks in the community came by to offer prayers, food, clothes and other items.

Daphne Jim Rouperich and his wife came by to offer their home to any students or their family members in need.

“Rather than a cot or a motel. But I understand it's all taken care of and they very generously taken care of the kids and any family members that come in," said Rouperich.

The Red Cross also responded with meals and emotional support dogs.

By 10:00 p.m. on Tuesday, all kids at Coastal Church has been reunited with their families.

Greg Ollis, Superintendent of Channelview Schools, was on his way into town Tuesday night. Baldwin County Superintendent Eddie Tyler intends to meet with Ollis once he arrives.