Parents of Grand Hall shooting victim speak exclusively to NBC 15

(IMG:WPMI){ }Parents of Grand Hall shooting victim speak exclusively to NBC 15

A family is in mourning. Their 15-year-old daughter was gunned down at a teen party, and eleven days later, she died.

Anesa Baker left home to attend a party at the Grand Hall Easter night. Her parents didn’t realize that at that moment, that would be the last time she would walk out their door.

"My baby was taken from me," said Valeria Baker, Mother of Anesa Baker.

Valeria Baker will bury her 15-year-old daughter Tuesday. Last Wednesday was when she received the life-changing news no mother or father ever wants to hear.

"That person that you love, that you love to see every day, and then they're gone and just taken from you,” the mother cried.

"She was well loved,” said Eleazar Baker, father of Anesa.

Eleazar said he felt as if he was having an out of body experience hearing that his baby girl would no longer be here to make him laugh or be goofy with.

"I just, I mean, that's all I can think about because I was able to you know..." said her father as he tried to explain how he left the last ten days of Anesa's life at the hospital.

"She's in a good place. She’s not suffering anymore, and she fought a hard battle, but I think she really wanted for us to be able to say goodbye," said Eleazar Baker.

This mother and father both said they take comfort in knowing their baby girl is in a better place, but say there's anguish knowing the shooter is still out there in the streets.

"I just pray that they catch all of them. I don't care who it is, and they just be tried to the max that they can be," said Valeria.

"You took our child away, believe me, how long it takes, whatever it takeswe're going get our closure," said Eleazar.

Funeral arrangements for Anesa were made for Tuesday at Little Welcome Baptist Church.

Monday, a memorial service was held at the Community Mortuary in Mobile.

Following that shooting, three teens were arrested for possession of guns, but none are convicted of the shooting.

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