Mobile neighborhood says dogs killed 50 cats in one month, dogs still on the loose

Mobile neighborhood says dogs killed 50 cats in one month, dogs still on the loose (img:WPMI)

Residents in some Mobile neighborhoods say a pack of dogs is terrorizing their streets and killing their cats.

They say this has been going on for a month now and more than four dozen have been killed

Kent Powell says early one Saturday morning about a week ago, he heard barking, he walked outside and saw the unthinkable.

"We came outside and our cat was being attacked," Powell said.

He says three dogs were attacking Louis, a cat he and his family raised for 11 years.

"It hurts because your pets are like your family member, and it's hard for my little kids and hard for my wife and hard for us to lose a family member," he said.

Neighbors provided us with pictures of the dogs. They say Louis was one of 50 cats the dogs have killed within a month.

They say the dogs roam the Oakleigh, Old Dauphin Way and Midtown areas.

One man came under fire after he posted on Facebook about taking matters into his own hands.

He said the dogs had been maced and one injured by an automobile. He also mentioned using golf clubs and wasp spray.

"We do not want the dogs hurt," one woman said.

A team of neighbors say they're working to end the nightmare the right way.

"We are working with the correct chain of city officials to resolve this issue as safely quickly and humanely as possible," she said.

Powell says he wants the dogs caught because there's no telling what or who's next.

"It's a concern for us with little ones too," he said. "If these dogs are willing to attack animals there's definitely potential for attacking people."

The group says they plan to meet with the city and police again Thursday to come up with a plan. We'll keep you updated on this situation.