NBC 15 investigates Mobile caregiver charged with murder

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(image: WPMI) 21-year-old Matthew Cox died at a Mobile group home last weekend.

NBC 15 is digging deeper into the background of a man accused of beating a patient with mental disabilities to death at a Mobile group home this last weekend.

Days ago, we told you about Trent Yates, the caregiver now behind bars and charged with the murder.

Arrest records and court documents reveal his criminal background is plagued with charges of assault, domestic violence, and a list of prior arrests spanning from 2010 to 2015.

Tonight, we learn Yates has worked at several group homes prior to this recent tragedy.

Sources tell NBC 15, Yates has worked at, at least, two Mobile home care facilities just in the last few years.

NBC 15 called and went to both facilities Thursday for answers.

Matthew Cox's personality radiates in every picture captured of him: pure innocence and joy through puppy love, prom, and the birthdays his family will no longer get to celebrate.

“To think that you put your child in a group home to be cared for and protected, and then this happens,” attorney Dean Waite said.

The Cox family's attorney Dean Waite says Matthew had extremely severe autism and his parents were told a group home was the best option for their son to become an independent member of our community.

“Matthew physically is 21 but mentally he's about four and he requires pretty much nonstop care,” Waite said.

However, police reports and court documents state the group home owned by New Way Out Corporation was the scene where Trent Yates allegedly beat Cox to death.

“There were failures at multiple levels here, we believe, and we are going to hold every entity we can accountable for this,” Waite said.

Waite and the Cox's are expected to file a civil lawsuit. They're searching for answers and so is NBC 15.

Thursday, NBC 15 went back to the New Way Out group home where there were two cars parked outside yet no one answered the door.

We tried calling the new way out corporation too. On Tuesday, someone with the corporation picked up and told us “no comment.” Thursday, there was no answer at all.

NBC 15 also learned Thursday that Yates worked at another personal care home in Mobile prior to the New Way Out facility.

We went to that facility looking for answers about his work background, but no one answered and its phone was disconnected.