Narcotics investigators warn of the dangers of "dabbing" marijuana


A safety alert as a troubling new trend called "dabbing" has made its way to the Gulf Coast.

This "dabbing" is not a dance. Teens and college students are discovering a more potent way to inhale marijuana.

A "dab" is concentrated THC, the chemical in pot that gets you high. It's heated up and smoked or vaped. It appears as a waxy substance and can be inhaled through traditional pipe smoking or through "dab pens" similar to vaping.

A "dab" is known by many names - "wax" or "glass," even "butter" or "shatter."

Narcotics investigator Andre Reid says law enforcement keeps up with latest trends. Your kids know what it is, but chances are most parents are in the dark.

"There’s all sorts of names for this, so even a parent who’s trying to stay involved with their child may hear these words and not think anything of it because we don’t associate those words with a drug," said Lt. Reid.

Turns out, "dabbing" is much more powerful than traditional marijuana. While a typical joint contains roughly 25% THC, a dab can be up to 90% THC.

"You can actually make dab out of CBD also, so you would see that and use that same plant to extract a higher amount to a resin," said Reid.

Anything above 0.3 percent THC is illegal in Alabama. With some people looking for a higher high, "dabbing" could lead to heart palpitations, cognitive issues, and long term addiction.