Multi-million dollar aviation business opening hangar at Gulf Shores airport

Multi-million dollar aviation business opening hangar at Gulf Shores airport (WPMI)

A multi-million dollar aviation business will soon call the city of Gulf Shores home.

Resicum International LLC, a Virginia based aviation business, will be opening a hangar at the Jack Edwards National Airport in Gulf Shores.

The move will bring more than a dozen high paying jobs and over $1 million in payroll.

Everyone knows Baldwin County's economy is driven primarily by tourism but officials say the project is part of a continuing effort to bring jobs not reliant on beachgoers.

Resicum will begin operations as early as July by sub-leasing a nearby hangar until its new one is complete.

Scott Fuller, Manager at Jack Edwards Airport, said the location gives Resicum full advantage of a four acre aircraft parking area and available runways.

"They basically are providing services to the federal government and military, large blackhawks, maintenance and so forth. It's very highly skilled operation," said Fuller.

Resicum has ties across the globe. The company will bring in 18 open crew positions with over a $1 million payroll.

If successful, Fuller said those numbers are just the beginning.

"One thing we've been lacking here in Gulf Shores and Baldwin is turbine maintenance. We have 12 jets based here and hundreds coming monthly in and out. Until now we haven't been able to maintain the aircraft if something goes wrong," Fuller said.

Grant Brown with Gulf Shores said the project was the result of a partnership between the city, the airport and the Baldwin County Economic Development Alliance.

"We really need to continue to improve our economy, to become more than just tourist based. Businesses such as this are just the way to do that," said Brown, "It's low impact to the community and high paying jobs. To have a company like Resicum be able to manage and maintain those aircraft just makes sense."

Officials also say this could be another big boom for the airport, which is already one of the busiest in Alabama.

Resicum is expected to have their hangar up and running by next year.