Mulinax Ford's Making Spirits Bright: St. Mary's Home sponsored by Malouf Furniture


Christmas is a time for whispered secrets and fun surprises. Take these gift bags, for instance.

All being delivered here at St. Mary's Home by the staff of Baldwin County's Malouf Furniture as part of our Spirit of Giving Campaign.

And there are Lots of them.

But then, there are a lot of kids who live here... children whose families for reasons of hard times or hard hearts, have failed to offer the amount of love and care they need.

"The folks at St. Mary's say the kids here get very excited at these bags from Malouf's and what's inside. They're highly anticipated. So, what could be in here that is so important to these kids? (pause) Really?"

"I have kids who were here last year and want to know if they're gonna get pajamas again this year. It's like YES!"

Did she say... pajamas?

"The first year they asked for shoes... not pajamas,"

Such humble requests for Christmas impressed the Malouf family so much, they couldn't say no. That was 7 years ago.

Since then, their business has expanded, and so has their family...

"...but every year it brings us back home to start the christmas season at St. Mary's. It brings you back to the basics and the children and those that need so much."

"I can't imagine as a mother knowing that some of the kid are going through terrible things especially at my son's age. It's really out of our control. But by helping here we feel we're doing a little bit to bring a smile to their face,"

So the Christmas Eve pajama party will go on as scheduled here at St. Mary's Home... a little gift that goes a long way toward making Spirits Bright.

"There's a lot of good in the community and you guys are a big part of it for us and out family. We appreciate it so much."