Mobilians line up for hours to vote absentee, some leave unhappy

(WPMI) Mobilians line up for hours to vote absentee, some leave unhappy
(WPMI) Mobilians line up for hours to vote absentee, some leave unhappy

MOBILE, Ala. (WPMI) — If you went downtown today, you would’ve seen lines wrapping around Mardi Gras Park. Mobilians were lining up to sign up to vote and drop off their absentee ballots at the Mobile County Government Center Annex.

People waited for hours to vote in the November 3 election, but not everybody left happy.

"You got many more that want to come, but some of them left because they’re closing down at 1 o clock and they were turning a lot of people down," Marilyn Robinson said.

The opportunity to come out and vote was a big deal for many folks.

"To make my vote count. To help make change in this country, you have got to do it. One vote at a time. Not just primary election, but every election,” Kenyetta Pope shared.

Earlier this week NBC 15 News spoke with Mobile County Probate Judge Don Davis. He says the traffic into their absentee election manager's office has increased significantly.

"Our numbers right now exceed what we have processed ever in the history of Mobile County," Davis said.

Voters Saturday said the coronavirus pandemic was one reason why so many people came out early instead of waiting for November to vote in person.

"You don't want to necessarily stand in line too long where you don’t have open areas where you can stand and be protected and be six feet apart. You know, when you’re in a lot of polling places, inside churches, schools, you don’t have that distance," Pope expressed.

"I want to see a change, and this works better with my work schedule. With everything that’s been going on due to COVID, and a lot of people have lost their life. And I came out to vote because I want to see a change make a difference," Robinson added.

While not everyone was able to vote, the ones that did considered themselves lucky.

"I wont have to rush next month to come out and try to go to work," Robinson expressed.

"I have seen many things on social media as well, that they were going to possibly be skirmishes, issues. A lot of time we deal with voter suppression, intimidation, and I wanted to make sure my voice was heard," Pope shared.

The deadline to apply for an absentee ballot for the general election is on October 29 by 5 p.m.